Swim Lessons for 2017 Season

Swim lessons will be offered each week beginning on June 26, 2017. The group lessons will run each day, Monday through Thursday, with Friday reserved as a make-up day in the event of bad weather one day during the week.  Registration for swim lessons can be done at the pool after May 29th.

Registered members of FRCP – Swim lesson fee $30/week.
Non-Members of FRCP – Swim lesson fee is $50/week.

Session 1 – June 26June 30
Session 2 – July 3, July 5July 7 (No lesson on July 4th.)
Session 3 – July 10July 14
Session 4 – July 17July 21
Session 5 – July 24July 28
Canceled – Session 6 – July 31August 4

Sessions may be canceled if enrollment for that session is below the required minimum number of students.

Each weekly session has three times for lessons. Swimmers register based on skill level.

Advanced Level Lessons – 9:45am to 10:30am

Objective: To continue to build basic swimming skills, as well as develop confidence in other strokes, and improve overall aquatic skills.

  • Improve Freestyle & Backstroke swimming
  • Increase endurance
  • Treading water
  • Learning other strokes
  • Diving (continued from Intermediate level)

Intermediate Level Lessons – 10:35am – 11:20am

Objective: Allow swimmers to use fundamental skills, and continue to build skills in swimming.

  • Kicking across pool with kickboard
  • Arm circles (Freestyle & Backstroke)
  • Holding breath under water
  • Rotary breathing
  • Swimming across the pool
  • Basic Diving

Beginner Level Lessons – 11:25am – 12/12:05 pm

Objective: To help swimmers feel comfortable in the water.

  • Completely submerging body under water
  • Retrieve objects under water
  • Picking feet off pool floor to kick
  • Front & back floats

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